Wow, just got back from Project Medishare's Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port - au- Prince (PAP), Haiti. Let me tell you, the level of trauma and crazy things you see there is unbelievable. You can't make this stuff up. One night we had a gunshot to the scrotum, a gunshot to the face, and a lightening strike to the eye all within 20 min. It was totally epic. I had to go on a few critical care transports to MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and had a three car police escort because of the instability of the country. Once again, epic. The NICU team of Doc's, NPs, and RNs from Dupont/Nemours (Wilmington, DE) were top notch. They gave kids that had absolutely no hope of survival a fighting chance. I was really impressed how our entire group gelled so quickly. Our group dynamics and interpersonal communications were outstanding. Its not often you find a team like that! The hospital didn't have all the comforts, high tech equipment, and amenities of home. However, we improvised and made due with what we had. Nevertheless, it was still as good as it got in PAP. Well, my decompression from the trip is winding down and I am ready to move forward, I think. All that is left is for me to readjust to being awake in the daylight and wean myself off of Haitian Coca-Cola (which is the best soda you will ever drink because it is made with real sugarcane).
Hospital Bernard Mevs - Project Medishare Team. Port au Prince, Haiti - September 2011
I will be heading back to Haiti in just under two weeks to work with Project Medishare/University of Miami in the countries only functioning trauma center. There is currently an adult ICU, NICU, PICU, and surgical services being offered. From what I hear the place is quite intense. They see many critical patients a day ranging from gun shot(s), MVAs, multiple traumas, medically ill, etc. because there is no where else to take them in Port Au Prince. I have a attached a video so you can see what this organization is doing, enjoy!
Well, as many of you have noticed the site was pretty much non-functional over the past few months. This was related to my website being closely related to another one out there on the web. All has been settled and I own the rights to this sites name and web address.
Glad to be back and will start blogging again soon!